• May 2018 Hippos of the Month
    Hutto Elementary - Ruby Tapia
    Nadine Johnson - Chloe Randall
    Cottonwood Creek - Evan Miller
    Ray Elementary - Arrin Tambunga
    Veteran’s Hill - Cymphony Gordon
    Howard Norman - Dylan Seaton
    Hutto Middle - Gwendolyn May
    Farley Middle - Caleb Gonzales
    Hutto High School - Caleb Stratton
    River Horse Academy - Cierra Berube

    May Hippos of the Month


    May 2018 Employees of the Month
    Support Staff Of The Month:
    JoAnne Grimes, Hutto Elementary;
    Teacher Of The Month:
    Lindsey Kozak, Howard Norman Elementary;
    District Support Staff of the Month-School Support:
    Debbie Gonzales

    May Staff of the Month