• Welcome To Mr. Fairchild's

    Tech Apps / Robotics Class!!!

  • This Week In Robotics

    4/18/2022 - 4/22/2022

    Monday: VEX IQ (Brains and Motors

    Tuesday: Thinking Outside The Box Drills

    Wednesday:  VEX Design

    Thursday: VEX Design

    Friday: Weekly Review

  • Parents!

    Please make sure you are checking in on your student's Redbubble store from time to time. If you notice your student has uploaded any content that might be considered "trademarked" or "copyrighted" please ask them to pull it down.  They will receive a warning letter from Redbubble ONCE they get caught...AND they can have their Redbubble Account closed if it is a continuous or severe infringement situation.


  • Parents!

    Your student's Redbubble Accounts are operational.  IF YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR STUDENT PERMISSION to sell the designs they create in class on Redbubble, you will need to enter the banking/Paypal information on your student's Redbubble account.  IF YOU NEED INSTRUCTIONS on how to add your payment information to their account, I've sent an email to you all with instructions OR you can access the "How To" video in their Canvas classroom.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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