• What are we learning?

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     School Safety

    • Understand that rules are important for safety and fairness
    • Participate in a group activity
    • Recognize authority figures in the school; teachers, principals, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, nurse, custodians etc.
    • Demonstrate cooperative behavior (sharing and turn taking)


    * Making friends- what makes a good friend? What does a good friend do? How can you be a good friend?

    * Drawing pictures and writing about friends, identifying beginning sounds of our names and other objects

    * Children learn, talk, read and write about family members, family roles, and unique qualities of families.

    • Who’s in my family?

    • We take care of each other

    • Family fun

    • All kinds of families

    We will continue our Zoophonics letters/sounds. Ask your child to tell you the letter, animal name, action and the sound the letter makes! The kids are doing a great job and love when we practice our letters and sounds everyday. 


     Our class will begin a theme on “Safe, Healthy, Helpful Me.” We will be exploring ideas about places in the community, people in the community, being kind and helpful, eating well and being active. The goal of this theme is to have children develop responsibility in their daily lives while learning good citizenship. Here are some ways you can show community involvement and teach responsibility at home.

    • Take your child to community places and events, such as story hour at the public library or a high school sporting event.

    • Talk about community workers, such as crossing guards and store clerks, and how to be respectful of them.

    • Point out community resources that are part of your daily life, such as trash collection, mail delivery, bus service, and so on.

    • Practice being kind and helpful at home by getting yourself dressed, cleaning up after yourself and carrying your own backpack. 


    We will be comparing and contrasting: living and nonliving, stories, real and make-believe and opposites. 


    Holidays around the world and Gingerbread

    We will be learning about holidays and family traditions. 


    On the Move: I move, transportation, travel and places kids go is the theme this month. 


    Creative Me: We will learn about construction, tools, using our imagination and creating art. 


    Crawling critters- We will be learning about crawling critters, hopping critters, flying crittersa nd spiders, scorpions and worms this month.


    Changes- We will learn about changes in and around me, earth changes, nurturing earth and before and now this month. 


    Mammals- We will be learning about mammals, reptiles, sea life and birds this month.