• What are we learning?

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     School Safety

    • Understand that rules are important for safety and fairness
    • Participate in a group activity
    • Recognize authority figures in the school; teachers, principals, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, nurse, custodians etc.
    • Demonstrate cooperative behavior (sharing and turn taking)



    * Making friends- what makes a good friend? What does a good friend do? How can you be a good friend?

    * Drawing pictures and writing about friends, identifying beginning sounds of our names and other objects

    * Making an AB pattern, comparing quantities, using measurment words to compare length, learning the pledge of alligience, taking care of ourselves to stay healthy and safe

    * Exploring magnets and objects that sink/float 

    We will continue our Zoophonics letters/sounds. Ask your child to tell you the letter, animal name, action and the sound the letter makes! The kids are doing a great job and love when we practice our letters and sounds everyday. 



    Children learn, talk, read and write about family members, family roles, and unique qualities of families.

    • Who’s in my family?

    • We take care of each other

    • Family fun

    • All kinds of families


    October 21-November 15

     Our class is beginning a new theme on “Our Community.” We will be exploring ideas about places in the community, people in the community, transportation, and taking care of the environment! The goal of this theme is to have children develop responsibility in their daily lives while learning good citizenship. Here are some ways you can show community involvement and teach responsibility at home.

    • Take your child to community places and events, such as story hour at the public library or a high school sporting event.

    • Talk about community workers, such as crossing guards and store clerks, and how to be respectful of them.

    • Point out community resources that are part of your daily life, such as trash collection, mail delivery, bus service, and so on.

    • Teach your child how to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!”

    • Give your child the responsibility of a daily job.

    This theme strives to make children responsible for their actions, now and in the future. The concepts and life skills they learn will be invaluable. Make “going green” a family activity!


    November 18th-December 6th and January 8th- 17th Awesome Animals!

    We will be learning about animal characteristics, habitats and life cycles. 

    * Talk to your child about taking care of pets.

    * Discuss what animals need to survive and compare it to what we need to survive. 

    * What characteristics are needed in the jungle? Grasslands? Why?


    December 9th-20th Holidays

    We will be learning about holidays and family traditions. 


    January 21-Jan.31st- Our 5 senses

    We will be learning about our 5 senses and how we use them everyday. 


    Feb. 3rd-14th Make Believe- Goldilocks and the Three Bears


    Feb. 17th-March 27th- Healthy Eating and Being Safe

    Growing up healthy, eating healthy foods, making safe choices and knowing what to do if you hurt yourself. Learning personal information to share if we need help.


    April 1st-26th Nature All Around Us

    We will be learning about plants and flowers, weather, things in the sky and seasons of the year.