• Twice a year Scholastic Book Fairs, in partnership with Veterans' Hill Elementary hosts a Book-sale event that give more than 600 students and their families access to thousands of affordable and educational products, helping foster a lifelong love of reading.


    School and parent volunteers work with Scholastic Book Fair representatives to organize these weeklong events at school, where children can peruse and purchase their favorite books. From its nationwide network of more than 60 warehouses and customer service facilities, Scholastic delivers its Fairs to schools, with the majority of books arranged in mobile, easy-to-access cases. Books are displayed face-front and grouped by age or grade-leve, so it's easy for kids to find characters and subjects they love and want to read about. Scholastic also provides planning materials, promotional tools, and merchandising displays to help the school create an exciting bookstore environment.


    Scholastic Book Fairs' team of book experts - former educators, booksellers, and Book Fair veterans - reviews thousands of titles from hundreds of publishers each year, and every scholastic Book Fair offers a new assortment of books for the fall and spring seasons and consistently includes the latest award-winners and most popular books, often in exclusive Book Fair-only editions.


    At the end of the Fair, the school is awarded either a percentage of the revenue or books and educational materials. Scholastic Book Fairs hlelps generate more than $175 million in fundraising for school projects and classroom materials.


    To order online: http://www.scholastic.com/bookfairs/family/ and "find a fair".

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