• Soccer Boys


    Soccer Schedules

    -You must be UIL eligible for tryouts and during the season (passing ALL classes)
    -You must a physical on file with our trainers and have all electronic rankone forms filled out
    -You must be in the 7th or 8th grade

    Parents are expected to help with concessions as needed.

    Alba, Gabriel

    ALvarez, Isaiah

    Bulin, Brennan

    Del TOro, Calitro

    Falcon, Cristofer

    Gonzalez, Santiago

    Harbison, Samuel

    Johnson, Xavier

    Ornelas, Jesus

    Penaloza, Ulisses

    Pineda, Andrew

    Reyes, Emmanuel

    Romo, Elias

    Ruiz, Carlos

    Salazar, Jonathan

    Sebek, Mason

    Shodipe, Maxwell

    Stevens, Pyeton

    Watson, Thomas

    Practice team only: Acosta, Jesus   Jaimes, Alejandro    Lozano Diego

    Coach Whitley will post a tryout result list on the boys Band app and here on the schools boys soccer website.