• Orange Santa

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    This year, Orange Santa, a Hutto program sponsored by the Hutto High School LEOs, aims to bring hope and strength to the Hutto community during the holidays by providing a Christmas experience for children in families that are experiencing severe economic stress, is partnering with the Hutto Resource Center (whose mission is to provide resources and assistance to the Hutto community that will improve lives and outcomes) to provide a full Christmas dinner and toys for every child selected.

    Thanks to the collaboration between the HHS LEOs and the Hutto Resource Center, we are working to maintain a safe process for the families to receive their Christmas dinner and toys while maintaining social distancing and ensuring the families we serve remain safe.

    Orange Santa 2020 distribution day is Saturday, December 12. Anyone who wants to participate with Orange Santa can contact Melissa Hollingsworth at melissa.hollingsworth@huttoisd.net

    To learn more about becoming a Sponsor and helping fund a family's Christmas or Hosting a Toy Box Location, visit our Sponsors Page