• Janet K. Jones Scholarship Fund

    As remembered by Ms. Brandy Baker, former HHS Principal:

    Mrs. Janet Jones was remarkable in so many ways. She lived her life to the fullest and touched so many people during her time here with us. We all have a kaleidoscope of memories that we will always carry with us - memories that defined Janet, memories that we will always hold dear.

    As I look through the kaleidoscope of her life, I see the many valued and meaningful roles that Janet played. First and foremost I see Janet, the wife. She loved Jeff unequivocally and selflessly. She took this role to heart and she strove to honor, support, guide and most importantly, love Jeff. She was at her happiest when she was surrounded by him - even during those tough times that life has a way of throwing at us. As we said our good byes, she told me “No crying,” wiped a tear from my face and said to please take care of Jeff. Her devotion to her family was the foundation of her actions - the anchor that defined and shaped her life.

    As the kaleidoscope turns, I see Janet - the friend. She was a good friend to so many! She could be counted on and depended on always. Whether you needed sound counsel, an empathetic ear, a shoulder to lean on; companionable silence; or a lunch partner, she was your Gal. Ready, steadfast, willing and good fun. I know that many of you will miss the friendship Janet brought into your life.

    The kaleidoscope turns again and I see Janet, the educator, the champion of students. She lived a principled life underpinned by a strong sense of right and wrong. Janet was never a woman to step back from a challenge; Janet believed that every student that walked into her classroom had the potential to learn regardless if they believed it or not. Janet often taught our most challenging students. She never complained and always saw past the mistakes and challenges these students brought with them. Janet cared enough to act - to take a stand. Janet fought for every student.

    Janet continued to touch many others and as we look through the memories of her life, we see Janet as a respected colleague. She shared her expertize with all her colleagues, she worked hard and consistently and she remained a student of life. She never stopped learning. She never sat back and became complacent. She led by example and she mentored many teachers and principals. Janet was a role model and an inspiration to so many.

    During our last moments together, we spent times reminiscing and praying. I would ask a ridiculous amount of questions about her prognosis. Just hoping that she would say, all is good and I will be back to work tomorrow. Instead, Janet would tell me that she was going to live one day at a time.

    Janet wants us to remember how she lived and not how she died. She wants us to keep all our special memories we shared with her; remember her laugh and all her silly jokes, remember "bad Jones", our campus bookie, remember the sweet gal who refused to eat off of paper plates or use plastic flatware. She will always be with us in spirit and I know that she will stay in our hearts.

    I am thankful I was a part of the life of the woman I am very proud to call my colleague, my friend.