• Rocking Rhinos

    Welcome to the Rocking Rhinos!
    Our classroom focus is to nurture and foster your child to the best of their abilities. We will be doing lots of fun activities in a variety of ways. We begin every day with a free play experience and a circle time. Circle time includes: A welcome song/songs, pledge, weather songs, calendar, 7 days song, months Macarena. Circle time is also the time that the letter of the week, number of the week, theme of the week, color of the month and shape of the month are introduced and reviewed.  
    Some activities include:
    • begin learning to use scissors
    • tracing/writing letters, numbers, shapes & especially our name!
    • learning letters & sounds
    • learning colors, shapes & numbers 1-10 & 10-20 later in the year
    • books with CD's and flip charts
    • arts and crafts
    • lacing different shapes
    • simple concept games: matching, memory, categorizing/sorts, etc.
    • Spanish: colors, days of the week, counting to 10 and other basic words
    • Sign Language: the alphabet and other basic signs
    • lots of singing with movements, dancing, finger plays, and/or puppets
    Important Information
     Classroom phone: 737-327-5312
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