• Bright Butterflies

    In the Bright Butterflies classroom, we strive to be the best toddler teachers we can be.  Our goal is to foster a joy of learning and discovery that will serve the child over a lifetime.  We strive to meet each child's individual needs both physically and emotionally while setting the stage for future independence.  Most importantly, we want to stimulate curiosity in learning through discovery, exploration, and play!

    Goals we strive to achieve with the children:

    • Interact and get along socially with peers
    • Begin developing self control (using Conscious Discipline)
    • Start to become aware of others' feelings
    • Further develop physical skills, both fine and gross motor
    • Encourage creativity
    • Learn to put coats on/off
    • Learn to pull shoes on/off



      Important Information 

    Classroom Phone Number: 737-327-5305


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