• Vehicle Request

    To use a school vehicle, a rental request needs to be filled out and submitted for approval to your appropriate chain of command. Once approved it will be sent to the maintenance dept to confirm and schedule the vehicle if a vehicle is available. You will receive an email to inform you of availability as well as vehicle information.

    Please make sure when you pick up the suburban that you come in through the front and sign in at the reception area. You will receive a binder that carries the information needed for each vehicle for insurance, keys, gas card and gate key. Please fill up the gas tank PRIOR to dropping it off and make sure all of your personal belongings have been removed and lock the vehicle before dropping the binder off in the 'Drop Box' up at the front of the building.

    If there are any issues with the vehicles, low air in tires, headlight out, 'check light engine' is on, etc....please inform someone from maintenance so that we can address the issue immediately before the vehicle is sent out again. We strive to guarantee a safe trip for each person taking our vehicles out so please alert us with any issues that may arise.