• Pest Control and IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

    Decisions concerning whether or not pesticides should be applied in a given situation will be based on a review of all available options. Efforts will be made to avoid the use of pesticides by adequate pest-proofing of facilities, good sanitation practices, selection of pest-resistant plant materials, and appropriate horticultural practices. The Tools for Schools program sponsored by the EPA will be one of the resources used for identifying facilities pest-proofing and other good practices. When it is determined that a pesticide must be used in order to meet pest management objectives, the least hazardous material adequate for the job, will be chosen. Employees are prohibited from applying any pesticide or herbicide without appropriate training and prior approval of the integrated pest management (IPM) coordinator. Any application of pesticide or herbicide must be done in a manner prescribed by law and the district's integrated pest management program. Notices of planned pest control treatment will be posted in the distict building 48 hours before the treatment begins. Notices are generally located on the front of doors to buildings.