Hutto ISD STANDS behind its graduates.
    A student who graduates from Hutto ISD is a Self-confident, Technologically “savvy”, Academically prepared, Natural communicator with a Developed global mindset that seeks to be a Servant Leader.
    Portrait of a Graduate

    • A Hutto ISD graduate is a good risk taker that makes safe, quality decisions. They are well balanced, confident, ambitious, curious and imaginative.

    Technologically “savvy”
    • A Hutto ISD graduate evolves with the growth and advancement of technology and knows how to use innovations in their academic and professional pursuits. They are knowledgeable about relevant technology and its role in society and their lives.

    Academically prepared
    • A Hutto ISD graduate is a problem solver and critical analyzer that is academically prepared for their future. They are critical thinkers and prepared to attend college or enter the workforce.

    Natural communicators
    • A Hutto ISD graduate possesses interpersonal skills that aides their communication. They are cooperative, active listeners able to communicate beyond just conversation.

    Developed global mindset
    • A Hutto ISD graduate competes globally among their peers. They possess intellectual and social capital that allows them to interact across socio-cultural systems.

    Servant leader

    • A Hutto ISD graduate seeks servant leadership and empowers others to become leaders. They are rich in character, focus on people and personal development and contribute to the well-being of others and community.