• Press Release

    August 20, 2018 

    Grant Awards Totaling $104,619 Presented to Hutto ISD Teachers and Staff

    Tuesday, August 14th, at the annual Hutto ISD Beginning of the Year Convocation, the Hutto Education Foundation, in partnership with Hutto ISD, kicked the school year off by awarding 34 grants totaling $104,619.70! The Hutto Education Foundation would like to thank Hutto ISD for helping to fund 14 of the grants selected, donating $40,035.71 to the grant program. These grants fund programs in the 2018-19 school year to enrich student learning. The 2018 Excellence in Education Grant winners are:

    District Wide:

    • Sandy Rothrock received $2,991.75 for “AR is Worth 1,000 Pictures” to purchase augmented reality kits for all grade levels.
    • Keri Clark received $4,971.19 for “Bigger is Better” to provide an array of manipulatives that Special Education teachers can access.

    Hutto High School:

    • Melissa Hollingsworth received $4,135.64 for “Speaking with the Dead” to provide hands on experience studying human remains to Forensic Science students.
    • Andrew Haub received $5,000.00 for “Robot Evolution” to replace inventory for the robotics club and purchase new robotics components.
    • Jennifer Gonzalez received $4,992.05 for “Through the Eyes of Our Hippos” to purchase cameras and equipment for the art and photography classes.
    • Michelle Thorne received $5,000.00 for “General Patent” to purchase materials to help students walk through the process of identifying, creating, and patenting an idea.
    • Marvin Kroft received $4,536.97 for “Walnuts and Air” to purchase better equipment for the Agricultural Machining classes.

    Hutto Middle School:

    • Stephanie Orton received $1,587.63 for “Hippo STEAM Hub”, an afterschool STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) club.
    • Ryan Mann received $4,589.50 for “STEM unlimited” to purchase 16 VEX robotics kits for the robotics program.
    • Lynne Cohen received $4,744.80 for “Multisensory Dyslexia Curriculum Falls in Love with Touchscreen Learning” for touchscreen Chromebooks to work with students with Dyslexia.
    • Rene Fulton received $4,944.00 for “It’s All About the Light!” to update theatrical lighting fixtures at the school.

    Farley Middle School:

    • Mistie Young and Jorge Franco received $4,239.95 for “Scientific Research Scientists with Lego Robotics” to purchase robotics kits and various sensors for hands-on real-world-scenario experiments.
    • Sandy Rothrock and Lynette Gutierrez received $1,281.11 for “Success Beyond the Classroom” to teach students basic life and professional skills in a classroom setting.

    Cottonwood Creek Elementary School:

    • Kelly Hong received $3,767.00 for “Helping Young Students Discover a Passion for STEM” for supplies to embed STEM activities into all content areas and grade levels.
    • Karen Eden received $1,340.00 for “From the Creek to the Deep Ocean” to provide the entire school with curriculum regarding aquatic environments.
    • Yvette Scott received $1,108.42 for “Building Great Minds One Robot at a Time – Expansion Project” to expand the current robotics program.
    • Vanice Hayes received $1,013.93 for “Let’s Go Old School and Bring Back the Boards” to purchase board games to help focus on specific skills in the English Language Arts classroom.

    Howard Norman Elementary School:

    • Gabrielle Sweetland-Garza received $1,665.00 for “Secret Stories” for multi-modal teaching activities to help students’ reading and writing abilities.
    • Gabrielle Sweetland-Garza received $2,000.00 for “Flocabulary” a program that increases achievement across curriculum using educational hip-hop music.
    • Lindsey Kozak, Stacey Gist, Amy Pruitt, Bridgette Arnold, and Erin DeBerjeois received $5,000.00 for “Put the Books Back in Their Hands” to provide books and listening materials for first grade students.
    • Rebecca Bales and Angela Campana received $1,643.87 for “Jazz’s Bot Squad: The Next Level” to enhance their current robotics programs and take students on a trip to learn more of robots in space.
    • Ashley Valdez received $500.00 for “The Heart of Art” to update supplies for the art side of their STEAM club.
    • Ashley Valdez, Monica King, and Carolyn Edelson received $4,700.00 for “Today’s Readers, Tomorrow’s Leaders” to purchase books and supplies for third grade students.

    Hutto Elementary School:

    • Joie Robinson received $1,250.00 for “HippoBOTamus 3.0” to give 4th and 5th grade students access to robotics.

    Nadine Johnson Elementary School:

    • Gretchen Wittenmyer, Amber Northen, and Krista Kruse received $3,905.00 for “Classroom Cooking Carts” to supply portable kitchens to two elementary campuses (also Howard Norman Elementary).
    • Diedra Milling and Jessica Worley received $1,082.52 for “The Dyslexic’s Pocket Speller & More!” to provide C-Pen Readers to students.
    • Kristel Dillon, Dior Edison, and Jessica Worley received $3,095.40 for “Robotics Club Start Up” to purchase robotics kits and start a robotics club.
    • Kristel Dillon and Jessica Worley received $721.93 for Hippo RadLab” to purchase supplies to create a glow circuit in their STEAM club.
    • Caina Cooper and Sharon Case received $4,684.00 for “Let’s Ride and Read” for Kinesthetic Learning Tables.
    • Kristel Dillon and Dior Edison received $3,050.67 for “MakerSPACE STEAM Club Edition” to expand the STEAM club.

    Ray Elementary School:

    • Jessica Vasko received $550.81 for “Our Fabulous School News!” for video equipment for the school news club.
    • Nicole Pina received $1,499.70 for “Full STEM Ahead!” for STEM bins for the second grade classes.

    Veterans’ Hill Elementary School:

    • Joel Ann McGrew, Rachel Montemayor, and Vanessa Henson received $4,452.92 for “The Courtyard Classroom” allowing them to transform the ampitheatre area into an outdoor classroom.
    • Kelly Hong received $4,574.44 for “Light, Camera, Action! Elementary Students’ Video Projects” to help students create quality videos.


     To find out more information about HEF or to inquire about becoming an investor, contact the foundation at HuttoEducationFoundation@gmail.com