• FAQs

    What is the Purpose of the Hutto Education Foundation (“HEF”)?
    The education foundation provides an innovative source of funding to support the school district’s educational plans.  The foundation does not attempt to replace lost state funding, nor does it attempt to take the place of the items funded through the school district’s operating budget. Given the level of funding required to educate students, the foundation can expect only to provide funds for projects, activities and initiatives that go beyond the normal classroom experience and enhance the educational effort by our District. Funds provided by the foundation will directly benefit students in the Hutto Independent School District (“HISD”).

    -Donations will remain in the school district. This investment in local education and student success benefits the entire community.
    -Funds will be used to support programs to enhance student achievement, recognize exemplary staff involvement, and foster community support and involvement.
    -The education foundation was created to support the mission of the local school district through educational programs and incentives for students and staff. To ensure continued funding, the foundation has also established an endowment to provide scholarships for students attending a 2-year, 4-year, or technical trade school.

    What Does the Education Foundation Do?
    1.  Supports the local school district as an independent 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt philanthropic charitable organization
    2.  Cultivates innovation to benefit students and staff and to enhance the mission of the school district
    3.  Supports activities not funded by tax revenue
    4.  Solicits funding from private, public and corporate sources
    5.  Awards funding to Hutto ISD staff and students as determined by a volunteer committee representing local business, community and educational leaders

    What are the Goals of the Education Foundation?
    - Providing funds for innovative academic programs
    - Acknowledging and rewarding exemplary teaching
    - Collaborating to maximize parent/teacher participation throughout each level of education
    - Providing a means for businesses and community members to enhance the education process through personal involvement and financial support
    - Promoting public awareness and celebrating successful programs and the achievement of excellence

    How Does the Education Foundation Plan for Sustainability?
    The Hutto Education Foundation Endowment fund was established in 2011 as a sustainable income plan for the future of the Foundation to fund scholarships to students attending a 2-year, 4-year or technical trade school. To create a perpetual source of funding, the education foundation has worked with the Williamson County Commissioner’s Court to establish an Endowment.  

    1. Through an agreement with the county, up to 1% of the Solid Waste Fees collected each year can be transferred to the Hutto Education Foundation Endowment, at the discretion of the Williamson County Commissioner’s Court. The Endowment must have a minimum fund balance of $500,000 before use.  Once that balance is reached, an Endowment board will be created to oversee the use of the funds.
    2. The Hutto Education Foundation Endowment is currently invested through the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation. Through the GRRCF, a diversified investment portfolio is managed by a professional investment manager. Investment guidelines emphasize the protection of the endowment with the generation of income. The investment committee seeks total return with minimum risk over the long term. The Board of Governors review investment performance quarterly.
    3. In 2018, the Endowment will officially reach the minimum fund balance of $500,000, and an investment committee consisting of HEF Board Members and Community leaders has created policies to administer funds to Hutto ISD students. Any funds above the minimum fund balance may be used on scholarships to students continuing their education. 

    What’s the difference between the Foundation and the Parent-Teacher Association (“PTA”)?
    The Foundation raises private-sector funds to support academic goals and achievement at every school in our district. The specific application of the funds “granted” by the Foundation to Hutto ISD is at the discretion of the Education Foundation Board of Directors. The PTA plays a key role in raising money for campus-specific enhancements and providing parent volunteers in each of the district’s ten schools to help teachers with an array of day-to-day classroom needs. HEF and the PTA work in tandem to provide complementary resources that benefit each school in our district.

    Is my gift tax-deductible?
    Yes! Your gift to HEF is 100% tax-deductible. The funds granted to the school district by the Foundation are exempt from the ‘Robin Hood’ tax provision.

    Why is my contribution important if I don’t have children in the district?
    The Foundation is a bridge between our community and Hutto ISD. By supporting our public schools, HEF makes a difference in the lives of district students and adds to the vitality of the community. Your gift to HEF will help fund the gap between the adequate education supported by state funding and the excellent education we strive to provide for all of our children.

    How can I help as a business leader?
    The HEF Board is looking for community leaders who want to roll up their sleeves and get involved to further our important mission. New Board Members keep the Foundation energized and volunteers are needed for the Annual Event, as well as various other events throughout the year.

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    If you are interested in volunteering your time, or serving on the Board as a volunteer, please contact us via email to huttoeducationfoundation@gmail.com or by calling the HEF office (512)759-3771 x1009.

    Now that you know how awesome HEF is, we are sure you are wondering HOW CAN I DONATE TO HEF?                  

    Every Dollar Donated Counts!!

    Every Hutto ISD campus receives funding from the money HEF grants to the school district.

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    Or Donations can be sent to
    Hutto Education Foundation
    PO Box 363
    Hutto, TX, 78634.

    The HEF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Federal Tax ID #61-1507177. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.