2019 Bond Projects - Total Bond $200,715,455.00

  • Elem Modernization (CCES, NJES, RES, & VHES)

  • HVAC Replacements

  • Hutto Elementary Modernization

  • HMS & FMS Modernization

  • Gus Almquist Middle School

  • Stadium Renovation

  • Transportation Facility

  • Technology Improvements

  • Safety & Security Standalone

  • District Vehicles

  • Project Savings*

  • NGC Parking Lot

  • NGC Athletic Facility

  • Hutto High Modernization

  • 9th Grade Center Projects

2023 Bond Projects - Total Bond $522,000,000.00

  • Elementary #8

  • Elementary #9

  • HHS Additions and Renovations

  • HMS & FMS Classroom Additions

  • 9th Grade Center build-out to High School #2

  • Land Acquisition

  • Deferred Maintenance Projects

  • Buses and Satellite Operations

  • Technology Infrastructure

  • Instructional Technology

  • Districtwide Academic Center


  • Current Budget- The total estimated cost for the entirety of a project refers to the sum of all expenses expected to be incurred from start to finish. It encompasses all relevant costs, including materials, labor, equipment, overhead, and any other expenditures necessary to complete the project.

    Committed Amount-  The total amount of money that has been officially allocated or pledged for the project's execution. This includes funds that have been contractually committed or obligated to specific aspects of the project, such as contracts with suppliers, service providers, or labor agreements.

    Incurred Costs- The total amount of money that has been actually spent or expended on the project up to a certain point in time. These costs include all expenses that have been accrued as a result of project activities, such as purchasing materials, paying for labor, overhead costs, subcontractor fees, and any other relevant expenses.

    Remaining funds- The amount of money that is still available or unspent for the completion of the project after deducting the incurred costs from the total budget or allocated funds. In other words, it represents the difference between the original budget for the project and the costs that have already been incurred.