• January 2024 Hippos of the Month


     Adria Fernandez - Cottonwood Creek (video presentation)

    Abigail Looney - Hutto Elementary (video presentation)

    Scarlett Scroggins - Howard Norman (video presentation)

    Lily Stryker - Kerley Elementary (video presentation)

     Marienelys Martin Perez - Nadine Johnson (video presentation)

    Veron Tsoata - Ray Elementary (video presentation)

     Isabella Vivas - Veterans’ Hill (video presentation)

     Izabella Thornton - Hutto Middle (video presentation)

     Joshua Carlyle- Farley Middle (video presentation)

    Sierra Gulley - River Horse Academy (video presentation)

     Jayden Mack - 9th Grade Center (video presentation)

    Leilani Baizabal-Lopez - Hutto High (video presentation)


    January 2024  Meeting Staff Recognition


    Teachers of the Month: Michelle Krejci (NJES), Andela Williams (KES), 


    Support Staff of the Month: Melissa Lake Professional Support Staff of the Month (NJES), Cassandra Wollrab Professional Support Staff of the Month (KES), Caina Cooper Support Staff of the Month (NJES), Karen Jeter Support Staff of the Month (KES), Shane Farmer Department Employee of the Month