• Luisa Lerma, a cherished member of the Hutto community, has roots that run deep within this town's history. Her story is not just one of personal achievement but also a testament to the rich Hispanic heritage that has thrived in this piece of Texas for generations.

    A Heritage Rooted in Hutto
    Ms. Lerma’s family, the Campos, have played a significant role in Hutto's history. Her parents, Jesus and Isabel Campos, moved to Hutto, where they raised their family of eight children. They settled here while Jesus worked for the Missouri Pacific Railroad, which cuts through Hutto along Highway 79. This connection to the railroad is an indelible part of Hutto's history, and Luisa's family is proud to have been part of it.

    The Sound of Music
    During her school years, Ms. Lerma was an active member of the high school band. Her musical journey began in the 5th grade when she auditioned for the school band. Remarkably, by the 6th grade, since the school was so small, middle school students were invited to play with the high school band at games. Ms. Lerma played the alto saxophone and fondly recalls marching on the football field on Friday nights.

    Passion for Community and Family
    The Campos family history is interwoven with other well-known Hutto families. Her father, Jesus Campos, originally from East Texas, came to Hutto in the early 1940s to work on the railroad. Her mother, Isabel (Rios), grew up in Hutto. Their union resulted in a family of eight children, with Luisa being the youngest. Luisa's family reunions often featured the Campos family alongside other closely connected Hutto families, including the Herreras, Rios', Reynagas, Kerleys, and Cages.

    The Campos family, with its strong tradition of public service. Many of the siblings have dedicated their careers to serving the community through various state agencies, including the Texas Department of Health, Texas Department of Insurance, Texas Department of Education, Texas Rehabilitation Commission, and the Williamson County Juvenile Justice Center.

    Today, she and her husband, Rudy Lerma, are actively involved in their local church, St. Patrick's, where they contribute to various ministries. One of their initiatives is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, where they visit and support neighbors in need in the Hutto community. Their efforts extend to partnering with the Hutto Resource Center to provide essential assistance.

    A Career of Service
    Ms. Lerma graduated from Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State University) with a degree in Applied Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice. Her dedication to personal and academic growth underscores her values and the importance her family places on education.

    Ms. Lerma’s career path led her to a role as a juvenile probation officer, a position she found profoundly fulfilling. Working closely with young individuals and their families, she aimed to make a positive impact by helping them navigate challenges, access resources, and receive counseling. Her dedication to public service aligns with the values her parents instilled in her from a young age.

    Preserving Hispanic Heritage
    Ms. Lerma is a passionate advocate for preserving her Hispanic heritage. She believes that passing down traditions to the next generation is essential. Her family's customs, including cherished recipes and crafts, are fundamental to keeping their heritage alive. Ms. Lerma has taken it upon herself to teach her daughter, Laura, who recently graduated from Hutto High School, these treasured family traditions. She imparts her mother's recipes, ensuring that the flavors of her childhood continue to be savored by her family. Additionally, she teaches Laura how to crochet ornaments, such as the treasured crochet angels that Isabel lovingly crafted. These ornaments hold a special place in their family's heart, and Ms. Lerma is committed to ensuring that the craft is passed down through generations.

    Cherishing Diversity in Hippo Nation
    As we bid farewell to Hispanic Heritage Month, we are reminded that stories like Ms. Lerma’s are just one thread in the rich tapestry of our diverse community. In Hippo Nation, we can celebrate the stories and contributions of individuals from all walks of life, all year round. Let's continue to embrace and honor the vibrant and multifaceted culture that thrives within our district, cherishing every unique narrative and the unity that binds us all.


    Campos Siblings
    Back row left to right: Roman, Jesse, Julio, Juan
    Front row left to right: Luisa, Delia, Isabel, Esperanza