Linda Reynaga

  • Ms. Linda Reynaga, a cherished member of the Hutto community, shares her deep-rooted Hispanic heritage and strong family bonds, reflecting the values that enrich our diverse town.

    Rooted in Hutto
    Ms. Reynaga’s family history in Hutto is profound. Her father, Manuel Herrera, was not only born in Hutto but spent his entire 84 years of life there. The house that was Manuel's birthplace and childhood home is where O'Reilly Auto Parts is today. His love story with Ms. Reynaga’s mother, Lupe, is legendary in its own right. Forbidden to date, they secretly met at the old post office, defying the odds to build a love that lasted 58 years. Manuel's parents were in Hutto, but his grandparents hailed from Mexico, making Manuel the first in his family line to be born in the U.S. and in Hutto.

    Family that Values Hard Work
    The Herrera family values a strong work ethic. Manuel and Lupe were migrant workers, taking on jobs in cotton fields, pecan orchards, and tomato farms from Hutto to West Texas. Their dedication to work and family values shaped Ms. Reynaga’s upbringing, instilling in her the importance of loyalty, diligence, and pride in one's work. Her parents' hard work paid off and the family bought property on Front Street, where her mother still resides. Ms. Reynaga fondly remembers crossing Hwy. 79 and walking to school every day with friends, including members of the Rios family, Campos, Kerleys, Cages, and Demps.  

    Family Traditions and Strong Bonds
    Ms. Reynaga’s family traditions are a testament to their tight-knit bonds. Thanksgiving, a big affair for the family, brings together siblings, cousins, and relatives, often totaling 40-50 people. The day is filled with prayers, feasting, games, and laughter. The family enjoys sack races, Lotería, charades, and storytelling. They embrace both American and Hispanic cultures, fostering an environment of unity and love.

    A Legacy of Faith and Service
    The Herrera/Reynaga family has a rich history of service to their community through faith. Linda’s grandfather pastored a church for 45 years, La Hermosa, known today as Living Hope Church. Her husband, Jerry, also served as the church's pastor for 14 years. Currently, Linda's brother, Joe Herrera, continues this legacy by pastoring the same church. The Herrera family's commitment to their faith and community is a source of inspiration.

    Honoring Her Father's Legacy
    In a touching tribute to her father, Manuel Herrera, the Legends of Hutto neighborhood named Herrera Trail after him. Manuel was immensely proud of this recognition and had joked he wanted that street sign buried with him. When he passed away in December 2020 of COVID-19 after a three-week hospitalization, his family honored his wish by placing the original Herrera Trail street sign in his casket, with the City’s permission, of course. 

    A Voice for the Hispanic Community
    Ms. Reynaga is a proud advocate for the Hispanic community in Hutto. She values her heritage and believes in the importance of being bilingual and vocal. Her children learned Spanish as adults to connect with their roots, and she encourages others to embrace their cultural heritage. Linda also hopes to see more Hispanic voices in leadership roles within the community, advocating for participation in local politics and education. She is proud that Hutto ISD has Hispanic leaders like former Superintendent Dr. Estrada Thomas and our new Head Hippo, Dr. Peña. She believes that they serve as inspirations for future generations.

    Dedication to Hutto ISD
    Ms. Reynaga has dedicated 18 years of her life to Hutto ISD. She has served in various roles, including directly supporting three superintendents, Drs. Killian, Estrada Thomas, and now Dr. Peña, contributing significantly to the success of our district.

    Linda Reynaga, with her rich family history and dedication to preserving Hispanic heritage, is an integral part of Hutto's diverse and vibrant community.

    From Left: Sylvia, Sally, Linda, their parents Lupe and Manuel, Robert and Joe.