Linda Pachicano

  • A Journey Back to Roots
    Linda Pachicano's journey with Hutto ISD began in the 2014-15 school year when she arrived at Cottonwood Creek Elementary. Her first encounter with the school was on Cinco de Mayo. She was here to interview for an assistant principal position, and the vibrant celebrations of culture at the school made a deep impression on her heart.

    Leadership and Education

    Ms. Pachicano’s professional path within the district took her from assistant principal at Cottonwood Creek Elementary to leadership roles at Veterans’ Hill Elementary and Ray Elementary, where she established and nurtured bilingual and dual language programs. Her journey then came full circle when she assumed the role of principal at Cottonwood Creek Elementary in 2019.

    Nurturing Bilingual Excellence

    Under her guidance, the bilingual program at Cottonwood Creek Elementary saw significant growth. Starting in January 2019, she introduced bilingual education at the school, witnessing remarkable progress as the students advanced from pre-K and kindergarten to the present-day 5th graders. Their linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness have grown alongside the program.

    Cultural Exchange and Understanding
    One of the hallmarks of Ms. Pachicano’s leadership has been fostering respect and understanding among students of varying cultural backgrounds. She actively promotes cultural exchange through activities like Ballet Folklorico, which welcomes students from both English and Spanish dominant backgrounds to learn regional dances and explore diverse cultures.

    Heritage of Hard Work and Education
    Ms. Pachicano’s heritage is deeply rooted in the story of her parents, Delia and Eliseo, who were migrant field workers.They met at a migrant dance in Washington state in 1965, where Delia's reputation as the fastest strawberry picker caught Eliseo's attention. Despite his third-grade education, Eliseo firmly believed in the value of education and hard work, a belief he instilled in his children.

    Education as a Beacon of Hope
    Ms. Pachicano graduated as valedictorian from her high school opening up the opportunity for her to receive a full scholarship from the University of Texas. She was the first in her family to graduate from college, earning a degree in Spanish with a biology minor from the UT. She later returned for a master's degree, funded through UT Proyecto Maestría, a program supporting bilingual teachers. Her journey eventually led to her principal certification.

    Celebrating Diversity and Heritage
    Hispanic Heritage Month holds special significance for Ms. Pachicano. It's a time to celebrate the diversity of origins and stories that make up the Hispanic community. She emphasizes that this celebration extends to all cultures, as it highlights the beauty of human diversity.

    Pioneering Leadership
    Being the first Hispanic female and Hispanic principal at Hutto ISD is a source of pride for Ms. Pachicano. It's not just a milestone for her culture but also an opportunity to inspire others in their professional journeys. She humbly acknowledges the responsibility this position carries and eagerly anticipates the bright future with the many accomplished individuals who will follow her path.