• A Journey from Mexico City to Hutto
    Mario Maldonado's story is a testament to the power of hard work and resilience. Originally from Mexico City, Mario has called the Austin area home since 1989. His journey in the United States began humbly as a dishwasher and barback in a restaurant. Determined to create a better future, he worked his way up to become a server and eventually a manager. Mr. Maldonado's dedication and commitment paid off when he assumed the role of Food and Beverage Manager at the prestigious Austin Country Club.

    In 2001, Mr. Maldonado, alongside his wife Raquel Cisneros, embarked on a new adventure by opening their first restaurant, the Rio Grande, in Round Rock. This venture came just after the tragic events of 9/11, demonstrating their courage and determination. 

    Bringing Communities Together
    The success of the Rio Grande led to the opening of two more locations, one in Hutto in 2005 and another in Pflugerville in 2010. While they sold the Round Rock restaurant, Mario and Raquel continue to serve the communities of Hutto and Pflugerville with dedication and pride, offering Tex-Mex cuisine that has become a local favorite.

    Hispanic Heritage Month: A Celebration of Roots
    For Mr. Maldonado, Hispanic Heritage Month holds profound significance. In Mexican culture, September 15th marks Mexico's Independence Day, and this celebration is akin to the Fourth of July in the United States. It's a time to reconnect with their Mexican heritage and celebrate the rich traditions and history of their homeland. Mario and his family cherish this month and, like many Hispanic families, take this opportunity to celebrate their culture and share it with their community.

    Family: The Heart of Heritage
    Family lies at the core of Mr. Maldonado's heritage and values. He emphasizes the strong family bonds that unite Hispanic communities. In his restaurant business, Mario and Raquel have cultivated a close-knit family among their 45 employees, many of whom have been with them since 2005 when they opened their Hutto location. Their commitment to family extends beyond their restaurant, as they actively engage in supporting the local community.

    Giving Back and Faith
    Mario and Raquel believe in giving back to the community that has embraced them. Over the years, they have supported schools, the fire department, police department, and families in need. Their actions are not only a reflection of their culture but also a testament to their Christian faith. They believe that without faith, they would have nothing, and this belief guides their efforts to share their blessings with others.

    Mario Maldonado's journey, from his early days as a dishwasher to becoming a successful restaurant owner and community supporter, exemplifies the spirit of Hispanic Heritage Month. His dedication to family, community, and faith is an inspiration, and he continues to bring people together through the joy of food and cultural celebration.