Daniela Davila

  • The Beginning
    Daniela Davila's journey to Hutto ISD started in Odessa, Texas, where she spent her formative years. Circumstances brought her to Hutto during her senior year in high school, where she graduated in 2007. She experienced Hutto as a close-knit, caring community, and found herself feeling quite at home. Ms. Davila explains that Hispanic people are known for their strong appreciation of everything, their diligent work ethic, and their love for coming together as a community. This shared value system made her feel a profound connection with Hutto ISD, where she encountered a community that not only shared these values but also gave her a warm and welcoming embrace.

    Pursuing Higher Education
    After her high school graduation, Ms. Davila pursued her passion for graphic design by earning her degree at Texas State University. But her commitment to education led her back to Odessa, where she obtained her teacher's certification.

    Returning to Hutto
    With her teacher's certification in hand, Ms. Davila decided to return to Hutto, the place that had welcomed her with open arms during her senior year. Ms. Davila's journey into education began with substitute teaching and student teaching. Her first teaching job was at Ray Elementary as a Dual Language Teacher.

    Now, as a Dual Language Teacher at Kerley Elementary, she's contributing to the education of Hutto ISD students and making a difference in the community she's come to love.

    One aspect of Hutto ISD today that particularly resonated with Daniela was the dual language program. She realized how beneficial such a program could have been for her during her elementary years. Now, as a part of Hutto ISD, she's delighted to see that this valuable educational opportunity is available for today's students.

    The Significance of Hispanic Heritage Month
    For Ms. Davila, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to appreciate the similarities and differences that make us all unique. It's an opportunity to expose people to the richness of Hispanic and Latina cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation. She believes that being bilingual is especially helpful for students as it opens doors to diverse perspectives and opportunities.

    The Future
    As we honor Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate individuals like Daniela Davila who contribute to the tapestry of our diverse community. Her story reminds us that embracing different backgrounds and experiences enriches our lives and strengthens our collective journey.

    Daniela Davila's path to Hutto ISD has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on her, but also on the students she influences. Her story serves as an inspiration for all of us to embrace diversity and the opportunities life offers us.