• December 2023 Hippos of the Month


    Charly Soto - Cottonwood Creek (video presentation)

    Benjamin Anaya - Hutto Elementary (video presentation)

    Aria Jamison - Howard Norman (video presentation)

    Zoe Ndungu - Kerley Elementary (video presentation)

    Lincoln McKellar - Nadine Johnson (video presentation)

    Jayden Ankrah - Ray Elementary (video presentation)

    Daniella Foroughi - Veterans’ Hill (video presentation)

    Asher Dennis - Hutto Middle (video presentation)

    Jaxon Bownds - Farley Middle (video presentation)

    Jaime Delira - River Horse Academy (video presentation)

     Aria Mosley - 9th Grade Center (video presentation)

     - Hutto High (video presentation)


    December 14, 2023  Meeting Staff Recognition


    Teachers of the Month: Kyla Cox-McElMurray (CCES)


    Support Staff of the Month: Vanice Hayes (CCES) Professional Support Staff of the Month, Chelsea Vita (CCES) Support Staff of the Month, Meghan Lovett (Child Nutrition Services) Department Employee of the Month