• November 2023 Hippos of the Month


    Zion Smith - Cottonwood Creek (video presentation)

    Joseph Gallegos - Hutto Elementary (video presentation)

    Levi Kosich - Howard Norman (video presentation)

    Evangeline Soto  - Kerley Elementary (video presentation)

    Jazlyn Aoodaca - Nadine Johnson (video presentation)

    Anthony Bettge - Ray Elementary (video presentation)

    Joey Lichtor - Veterans’ Hill (video presentation)

    Jaelyn Garcia Osorio- Hutto Middle (video presentation)

    Addison Dubec- Farley Middle (video presentation)

    Erick Armadillo-Cardenas - River Horse Academy (video presentation)

     Bryson Hedtler - 9th Grade Center (video presentation)

    De'Shawn Bowie - Hutto High (video presentation)


    November, 2023  Meeting Staff Recognition


    Teachers of the Month: Jonathan Spradley (NGC), David Morgan (HNES)


    Support Staff of the Month: Cynthia Brooks - Professional Support Staff of the Month (NGC), Beth Wood - Professional Support Staff of the Month (HNES), Melanie Shepherd - Support Staff of the Month (NGC), Judy Brown - Support Staff of the Month (HNES), David Vance and Carlos Jackson - Transportation Department Employee of the Month