• May 2023 Hippos of the Month


    Carter Beeston - Cottonwood Creek (video presentation)

    Lucas Shires - Hutto Elementary (video presentation)

    Colton Kitterman  - Howard Norman (video presentation)

    Josiah Bradley  - Kerley Elementary (video presentation)

    Peyton Carr - Nadine Johnson (video presentation)

    Brooke Sharp - Ray Elementary (video presentation)

    Ethan Anderson - Veterans’ Hill (video presentation)

    Maximiliano Salas-Vaquera - Hutto Middle (video presentation)

    Felicity Cleveland - Farley Middle (video presentation)

    Dayana Serrano - River Horse Academy (video presentation)

    Aiden Meinert  - 9th Grade Center (video presentation)

    Emma Rose Stalling - Hutto High (video presentation)


    Sept. 26, 2023  Meeting Staff Recognition


    Teachers of the Month: Amy Villarreal (FMS)


    Support Staff of the Month: Abby Sullivan (FMS Professional Support Staff of the Month), Courtnee Bownds (FMS Support Staff of the Month), Rebecca Giese (Special Education Department Employee of the Month)