• In the Spring of 2023, the Board of Trustees approved an extension to the Veterans’ Hill Elementary School calendar to include a summer program. By adding an optional summer program, Hutto ISD will be able to provide extended learning opportunities for students such as Emergent Bilinguals, assist Economically Disadvantaged families by providing childcare and meals, and create the first of what could be different styles of elementary school calendars giving the community choice when it comes to education.

    The Additional Days School Year program concept comes from House Bill 3, which adds half-day formula funding for school systems that want to add instructional days (beyond a minimum of 180 days, up to 210 days) to any of their elementary schools during the summer (grades PK-5). 

    To receive funding, schools must meet the following requirements:

    • Regular school year calendar must have 180 instructional days for students

    • Regular school year must have 75,600 operational minutes

    • Summer program must have at least 25 days

    • Summer days must be at least 6 hours with a minimum of 3 hours of academic instruction 2 hours of enrichment

    On Thursday, March 30th, the Hutto ISD Board of Trustees approved the 180 day regular school year calendar for 2023-2024 which allows Hutto ISD to host its first  ADSY Summer Stampede Enrichment Program.