Hippo Advertising

  • Looking to reach the hearts and minds of Hippo Nation? Look no further than the annual Hippo Nation Magazine and Hutto ISD's Hippo Monthly Newsletter produced nine times a year! More details on advertising opportunities are below.



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Hippo Nation Magazine

  • Looking to reach the hearts and minds of Hippo Nation? Look no further than the Hippo Nation Magazine! With a print run of 16,000 copies, this annual publication is the perfect way to showcase your business to the tight-knit community of Hutto and the surrounding areas.

    As a flip magazine, the Hippo Nation Magazine offers twice the exposure for your advertisement, with 18 pages in English and the same pages - including your ad - duplicated in Spanish when the magazine is flipped. This ensures that your message is accessible to the entire community.

    In addition to its broad reach, the Hippo Nation Magazine offers a unique opportunity to showcase the human element of the district, featuring stories of teachers, students, and special programs offered by Hutto ISD. By advertising in this publication, you can align your business with the values of education, community, and character that define Hippo Nation.

    With direct mail distribution to every household in the Hutto ISD School Zone (14,896 homes in 2023), along with digital promotion on the district's website which has 1.25 million visits per year and social media channels with more than 11,000 followers, your advertisement will have the potential to reach far more in the community.

    Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with Hippo Nation like never before. Reserve your place in the Hippo Nation Magazine today! Opportunities are detailed below.

Magazine Opportunities

  • The Head Hippo

  • Golden Hippo

  • River Horse

  • Hippo Herd

  • River Horse Calf

  • Baby Hippo

Hippo Monthly Newsletter

  • The Hippo Monthly Newsletter offers a powerful way to reach the members of Hippo Nation — the collective community of Hutto and those who reside in the greater Hutto ISD school zone, which expands our reach to parts of Taylor, Round Rock and Georgetown. With distribution via Hutto ISD's communication system and promotion on the district's Facebook and website, your message can reach over 15,000 parents of Hutto ISD students, staff, students, and community members through multiple channels. Also promoted on the District's website, which garners over 1.25 million visits per year, the newsletter provides ample opportunity for your business to be seen by potential customers.

    By advertising in the Hippo Monthly Newsletter, you can tap into the tight-knit community of Hutto and showcase your business to a captive audience. Whether you're looking to promote a special offer, announce a new product, or simply increase brand awareness, the Hippo Monthly Newsletter is the perfect platform to reach your target audience.

    As an added bonus the newsletter is produced digitally in both English and Spanish, and a small print run is distributed throughout the community. 

    So why wait? Join the Hippo Monthly Newsletter today and let us help you connect with "Hippo Nation" like never before.

Newsletter Opportunities

  • River Horse Stampede

  • Hippo Headliners

  • River Horse Current

  • River Horse Calf

  • Baby Hippo