Evolv Express Weapons Detection System

  • In the spring of 2023, Hutto ISD was awarded $420,000 in grant funding for the purchase of three mobile weapons detection systems from Evolv Technology. The Evolv Express system is a walk-through device that scans for high-consequence items such as guns, explosives and knives. The system was temporarily installed at Hutto High School (HHS) and the 9th Grade Center (NGC). Future plans include alternating devices at additional campuses and utilization during large-scale District events such as football games and graduation. View an Evolv Demonstration Video. View sample images to the right to see what the system will look like on our campuses.



  • How does the system notify staff if a weapon is suspected of being present?

    If a weapon is suspected, an auditory alarm sounds and the machine changes color. The system provides staff a photo on a handheld tablet and indicates a threat box over the area of concern (see image). The system will not identify what item may be in there, staff must check the bag for a potential threat.

    Can the District legally search my child?

    Yes. Under FNF Local Policy for Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Investigations and Searches, District officials may conduct searches of students, their belongings, and their vehicles in accordance with state and federal law and District policy. Searches of students shall be conducted in a reasonable and nondiscriminatory manner. District officials may initiate a search in accordance with law, including, for example, based on reasonable suspicion, voluntary consent, or pursuant to District policy providing for suspicionless security procedures, including the use of metal detectors. In accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, students are responsible for prohibited items found in their possession, including items in their personal belongings or in vehicles parked on District property.

    Are police involved?

    Search of student property is limited to Hutto ISD staff only. While Hutto ISD police cannot perform security searches indicated by the system, they will be present for searches by administrators. Hutto ISD Police are based at the NGC and HHS campuses and will be able to respond immediately if a concerning device is detected.

    Who will operate the system?

    Staff and security team members will be present while the system is in use.

    How long does it take to go through the system? 

    The system can process 2,000 students within 30 minutes. We do not anticipate a delay in entry. Delays may occur during the initial deployment of the system, but as staff and students become more familiar with the technology, the processing time should increase. Students who enter the building before the bell will not be counted as tardy.

    Do other districts and companies use this system?

    Yes. School districts include Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, and locally, Killeen ISD. Sports teams such as the Atlanta Falcons, Houston Astros and Philadelphia use it as well.

    Will the system be monitored and used all day for all guests including parents who visit the campus? Or is it just monitored in the morning?

    The systems can be utilized at any time. 

    Will students have a way around it? Or do they have to go through it? What’s to ensure that no one can pass by?

    The systems will be positioned in a manner that will prevent visitors from going around the system. Trained staff will be onsite to ensure visitors are compliant. 

    Will it be used during after school events at the gym and PAC? Will parents have to go through it?

    The systems will be used in predetermined areas during the initial phases of this project. Since the units are mobile, we have the ability to expand utilization to other locations.

    Does the system detect drugs?

    The system is not designed to detect drugs; however, if drugs, drug paraphernalia, or any prohibited item is found during a search, the student code of conduct regulations will apply.

    Are vapes detected?

    Vape detection is possible. While the system does not recognize a vape as being a “weapon,” it could detect it as a potentially dangerous object. If it is detected, it will be confiscated during a search.

    Has the Evolv Express been reviewed by federal government agencies responsible for vetting security technologies?

    Yes, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security awarded the Evolv Express with a SAFETY Act Designation in March 2022.

    Is the technology in the Express system safe?

    Evolv is dedicated to the safety, quality, and consistency of our products.  The Evolv Express® system has been safety tested and meets the following certifications:

    • FCC CFR Part 15, CE Mark (CE Directives and Standards); Global CB Scheme per CBTL Safety Standard

    • UL 61010, EN61010, IEC 61010, and CAN/CSA 61010-1

    • US Americas with Disabilities Act Compliance Compliant Access

    • RoHS – Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (e.g., Lead) in Electrical/ Electronic Equipment.

    The system uses extremely low-frequency radio waves (ELF) that are in the range used by some Electronic Anti-Theft Systems (EAS), widely deployed in retail settings for loss prevention.

    Questions not answered above? Email safety@huttoisd.net.