• Instructor Qualifications for Dyslexia Program:


    Texas does not have a certification requirement specific to teachers providing intervention to students identified with dyslexia. School districts must consider the needs of students and the qualifications of teachers. It is important that teachers (general or special education) who provide instruction for students with dyslexia must have training in the listed components of instruction as well as be trained in instructional  strategies that utilize individualized, intensive, and multi-sensory methods as outlined in The Dyslexia Handbook. Licensed Dyslexia Practitioners or Licensed Dyslexia Therapists may also be hired to provide this instruction.


    Hutto ISD provides ongoing training for dyslexia to educators through professional development opportunities and ensures that all teachers providing dyslexia services are trained in dyslexia and related disorders. HISD ensures that educators who perform screeners receive training in the implementation of those screeners. Documentation for this training is maintained by the Principal.


    Roles of Dyslexia/Intervention Teachers: 

    Dyslexia teachers are responsible for: 


    Deliver an instructional reading program for identified dyslexic students with fidelity. Completing “other duties as assigned” by campus/district administration should not prevent the dyslexia teacher from providing their assigned dyslexia.


    Maintain a teacher/student ratio not to exceed 1:8 per group as recommended 


    Administer and gather pre/post instructional data to monitor program effectiveness and student growth in the area of reading.


    Communicate with student’s teachers, administrators and parents as needed regarding students' progress 


    Maintain all necessary student documentation and attendance records required by the district and the dyslexia program 


    Attend Professional Development to stay abreast of current research and development in dyslexia and research-based reading programs.


    Assist in organizing and/or conducting training to facilitate the implementation of the dyslexia program and to ensure general classroom teacher knowledge of dyslexia.


    Conduct informal/pre-assessment Dyslexia evaluations for students referred for Dyslexia as recommended by the §504/ARD committee.


    Work with the independent Dyslexia evaluator to complete all steps of the evaluation process. 


    Dyslexia Teachers by School:


    Benjamin Doc Kerley Elementary


    Cottonwood Creek Elementary

    Farley Middle School

    Howard Norman Elementary

    Hutto Elementary School

    Hutto High School

    Hutto Middle School 

    Nadine Johnson Elementary

    Ray Elementary 

    • Melinda Sexton - Wilson Practitioner

    Veterans Hill Elementary