• 2022-2023 Student Transfers
    The transfer window for the 2022- 2023 school year is now closed, with the exception of transfer applications to the Virtual Academy.  The window for VA applications ONLY has been extended to May 27th. 
    The transfer window for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year is closed.

    Student Transfers Procedures & Guidelines
    Links to the 2022-2023 student transfer applications are at the bottom of this page.

    DEFINITION: Transfer students are those who are wanting to attend a campus they are not zoned for. If you have moved into Hutto (currently living here, not waiting on a new build completion) or into a new Hutto campus zone and your child will attend the campus your home is zoned for, that child is not considered a transfer student. Proceed with either new student or returning student registration and update your address.

    Virtual Academy transfer applications must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian and should be submitted at the Hutto ISD Central Administration Building. (200 College Street, Hutto, TX 78634). No Applications will be accepted on the school campuses.

    • Virtual Academy Transfer Applications (for both in-district & out-of-district students - only available for grades 6-12) (Click here to see VA Handbook, page 3, to ensure you meet all requirements before applying)  all applicants must provide 21-22 school year attendance report, discipline report, and full year-to-date report card (parent copies), proof of residence, PLUS
    • Fees: A non-refundable administrative fee of $30 is assessed for transfer requests. Transfer applications will not be accepted without payment. Fee is waived for current full-time Hutto ISD employees, siblings of In District Special Programs transfers assigned to the same campus, (Dual Language, Bi-Lingual, Functional Academics, Solid Roots only) assigned to the same campus, and confirmed PEG applications.

    NOTE 1: Do not withdraw your student from their current campus until you have received official, written approval of your transfer request.  Not all transfers are approved and withdrawing early could result in a truancy issue.

    NOTE 2:  Transfers are only good for one academic year at a time and must be applied for, criteria met, and application fee paid annually. 


    • March 1, 8:30am – April 22, 2022: Hutto ISD will be accepting submissions for In District, Out of District and Virtual Academy  transfers.  Decisions will be communicated by mail on or about the first week of June. 
    • April 25 – Sept 5: Hutto ISD will be closed to transfer submissions. (Exceptions: Hutto ISD employees hired after due date)
    • Sept 6, 2022 - February 24, 2023: Transfer forms will be accepted and considered on a case by case basis as space is available


    Schools will be open to accept student transfers on a SPACE- AND STAFFING-AVAILABLE basis. Space availability will be evaluated in each grade level/program and transfers approved based on this evaluation. Parents should be aware that the transfer request will not be approved if additional staff or classrooms are needed to accommodate the transfer student.  Projected enrollment for the campus must be below 95% of the capacity of the campus. Other criteria that may be used on campuses that are near 95% and in high growth areas include:

    • Elementary Grades K-5: The principal may approve transfers in kindergarten through grade 4 if the projected enrollment is less than or equal to a 19:1 ratio, in grade 5 that ratio is 22:1.

    There are NO guarantees that children who transfer in will be able to continue at the requested campus in future school years.

    It is important to consider that your child may not be able to continue in the feeder pattern of a school he/she transfers into, since every school and grade level is evaluated every year.

    Example: If you have two or more children, one may be accepted as a transfer student into an open school for this year because space is available in his/her grade level. However, a sibling’s transfer may be denied because space is not available in his/her grade level.

    The parents and students requesting a transfer must agree to abide by the school’s standards for academic progress, attendance, discipline, and parental cooperation.

    Transfers are granted for one year only and will be reviewed annually. A transfer student may not return to the home campus during that school year unless a written request to rescind the transfer is made by the parent AND both principals agree to an earlier return.

    Elementary students new to Hutto ISD must attend their home campus for at least one grading period (5 weeks) before requesting a transfer, although extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Hutto ISD employees are exempt from this provision.

    A resident student, who becomes a nonresident during the course of a school year, shall be permitted to continue in attendance for the remainder of the current semester provided that attendance, behavior, and academic expectations are met. To remain until the end of the school year, a transfer form (fee waived), approved by the campus principal, will need to be submitted to Hutto ISD Central Administration with the student’s nonresident address for coding purposes. 

    Children of nonresident Hutto ISD employees shall be eligible to attend district schools in accordance with DEB (LOCAL) and the provisions of the policy.  Non-resident employees may enroll their children in Hutto ISD schools with no tuition charge, according to the following stipulations:

    1. Hutto ISD shall assign the student to the school of the employee’s choice annually based on space availability.
    2. If space is not available at the campus preferred by the employee, Hutto ISD shall assign the student to a campus with space available nearest the preferred campus. This policy shall be reviewed annually to ensure it is economically feasible to continue this practice.
    3. Transfers for employee staff children are contingent upon continued employment with Hutto ISD. Should an employee terminate their employment/contract with Hutto ISD the transfer is void.

    Approval of transfer requests is subject to the student's good standing in attendance, behavior, grade and tardies, as well as program space availability.

    Once the application and processing fee is received, the transfer application will be reviewed for approval/denial. The processing timeline is dependent on time of year, as well as priority of transfer. Priority levels are as follows:

    • In District students on Special Program/sibling of student in Special Program (Dual Language, Bi-Lingual, Functional Academics, Solid Roots)(Transfer fee waived upon verification for In District transfers only))
    • Students of Hutto ISD employee
    • Extenuating Circumstances*
    • Other

    NOTE:  Should there not be enough space to accept an otherwise approved transfer, Hutto ISD will use the lottery method for picking students. 

    *Extenuating circumstances may include documented medical, psychological, or other special needs of students who seek to remain on a campus that they have attended for at least the previous year. The Board’s designee will investigate the petitions submitted on these grounds by consulting with the professional staff at the requested school. If campus professionals concur that there is risk of harm to the student by reassigning him/her, the request to remain will be given priority consideration.

    Unfortunately, Hutto ISD will not be able to approve all student transfer requests, as noted above.  A student transfer request may be denied for the following reasons and/or for principal/superintendent designee discretion:

    • No space available at the requested grade level/campus.*
    • The information provided on the Application form is erroneous.
    • The student has a history of documented Student Code of Conduct infractions and/or commits a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, which results in an assignment to the District or Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program. These denials may not be appealed.
    • Documented patterns of truancy, late arrivals, and/or late pick-ups requiring the supervision of the child by school staff. These denials may not be appealed.
    • Poor academic performance.
    • The principal has denied the previous year’s transfer request.
    • The parent/guardian is no longer an employee of Hutto ISD.
    • The educational needs of the student can be met at the zoned campus.  
    • A parent does not cooperate with school staff or if they falsify information for the purpose of transfer approval.  Parent/Guardians may be punished under the Texas Penal Code, Chap. 37, Sec. 37.10 for falsified information. 

    * A student whose transfer is denied based on space, who meets all other transfer criteria, will be placed on a wait list should space become available at a later date in the school year.  Wait list placing will be chosen via lottery.

    Transportation will be the responsibility of parent(s)/guardian(s). No District transportation (bussing) will be provided.

    Appeals should be made in accordance with FDB (LOCAL) and GF (LOCAL), as appropriate.

    For more information about the transfer process, contact Lynne Smith, 737-327-5177 or email lynne.smith@huttoisd.net

    Transfer procedures are in accordance with District Transfer Policy, FDA(LOCAL), FDA(LEGAL)


    The legal residence of a student and his or her parent(s) or legal guardian establishes the high school in which the student is eligible for competition in school-sponsored athletic contests. The legal residence requires that the parent(s) or legal guardian and student(s) actually live in the attendance area, receive mail at the residence, and plan to continue to live there.

    If a student’s residence is outside of the Hutto ISD attendance zone, the student would be ineligible for varsity competition according to UIL rules for one calendar year starting with the first day of enrollment.

    Regardless if the student's residence is in or outside of the Hutto ISD attendance zone, students must complete a Previous Athletic Participation Form which then needs to be approved by the District Executive Committee.

    For more information about athletic eligibility, please contact Hutto ISD Athletic Director, Bradley LaPlante, 737-327-5746 or email bradley.laplante@huttoisd.net.  

    2022-23 Transfer Application - English

    2022-23 Transfer Application - Español