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  • Awarding a challenge coin to a deserving individual is an act of recognition.  However, the return on investment can be greater if given genuinely as part of a broader meaning than that of just handing out coins.  The “You Make A Difference” coin represents the cohesiveness and relationships established between the District and our Police Department.  This challenge coin is worth so much more than a simple “good job”, it serves as a physical reminder of the coins direct value.

    “I, Sergeant Henson, on behalf of the Hutto ISD Police Department, would like to honor Carla Demps with this “You Make A Difference” award.  I have known Carla since my daughter Kara was enrolled in Hutto Elementary as a 1st Grader where Carla worked.  Kara is now a 2021 graduate.  Carla has always filled the hallways with a smiling face, positive attitude, and a very loud voice.  When I walked in the school, I could always be guaranteed that Carla would yell from down the hallway, “Hey buddy!”, along with a few other words that I shouldn’t repeat!  Carla has blessed so many students and faculty with her presence along her journey.  Good luck on your retirement.  I will speak for everyone in saying we will truly miss you!  Thank you for always looking after us Carla!”