• Independent Reading Expectations

    Every grading period (every 6-weeks), students are to read a novel from the chart below. If students finish their unit novel before the grading period ends, they are to read another novel from the list below for that same unit. If students read all of novels for a unit, they may self-select a book with teacher approval. The FMS bookroom has these unit novels available for students to check-out, but students may purchase their own novels if they’d like to write/highlight in them.

    Eighth graders need to bring their unit novel to class everyday

    Eighth graders at FMS are required to read at least an hour and a half outside of class each week. For weekly HW, students fill out this Annotation Log HERE, which is due each Friday at the beginning of class. Each week, students will use certain annotation symbols/markers from this list HERE while completing their log.

    Let’s read purposefully and often!

    Unit 1:

    My Name is Keoko, I Am Malala, Hero, Eragon, or Fever 1793

    Unit 2:

    Coming Soon!

    Unit 3:
    The Holocaust

    Coming Soon!

    Unit 4:

    Coming Soon!