• Tutorials are available to help students who need some extra time to complete the assignments or need a one-on-one discussion to help understand the content.  They are used to:

    • receive additional guidance on the content or assignment
    • need a quiet place to work on assignments
    • re-take a test
    • if the assignment is over three days late it must be completed during tutoring

    Tutorials are not to be used for:

    • Conversations about "raising my grade." (We can have those discussions, at a different time that we schedule together


    Tutorial days and times:

    Mornings (Wednesday and Friday, 7:40-8:10)

    Afternoons (Tuesday and Thursday, 3:45-4:30, however you must arrive before 4:30 to attend tutoring)

    Lunch tutoring is offered, but the discussion must be had with Mr. Dillinger the day the tutoring is going to take place.  However the availability of tutoring during lunch is not guarenteed as I may have other obligations during that time.