• Welcome to Facilities!

    In support of the district's Strategic Plan Vision 2025, Board Goal # 7: Address facility needs to accommodate growth and maximize efficiency through innovation in support of student success, the Hippo Nation Facilities and Operations team, under the great leadership of our Board of Trustees and Superintendent of Schools, strives to implement strategies to ensure the district’s physical plant, equipment, and support systems to operate safely, efficiently, and effectively. With an eye on maintaining the inventory of spaces for quality learning and achievement, we are also focused on facilitating and developing procedures for planning, funding, renovating and/or constructing school facilities to support the district’s mission and goals.

    Addressing GROWTH, EQUITY, and SAFETY are key drivers of our planning processes and we welcome the opportunity to communicate and exchange information with our students, staff, and stakeholders.

    Facilities and Operations Contacts:

    Henry Gideon - Assistant Superintendent of Operations & Safety - henry.gideon@huttoisd.net
    Brandon Cardwell - Director of Capital Improvement & Facilities Planning - brandon.cardwell@huttoisd.net
    Thomas Brister - Director of Maintenance - thomas.brister@huttoisd.net
    David Uecker - Director of Transportation - david.uecker@huttoisd.net
    Charlie Rodriguez - Director of Child Nutrition - charles.rodriguez@huttoisd.net
    Chris Contreras - District Safety & Emergency Operations Supervisor - chris.contreras@huttoisd.net