• River Horse Academy

    River Horse Academy gets its name from the Greek-to-English translation of Hutto High School’s mascot, the Hippo-potamus…river-horse. The Hippos of River Horse Academy are part of Hutto ISD’s academic alternative program, which offers accelerated curriculum to allow the students a way to make up course work quickly enough to graduate in their designated year. 
    Thanks to Hutto ISD’s ongoing commitment, RHA is now in its eleventh year and has helped 500+ Hutto ISD students meet their graduation goals with its remarkably successful program. A dedicated team of teachers help these Hippos using a courseware curriculum known as Gradpoint. These students complete the credits needed to satisfy the Texas Education Agency’s requirements for a high school diploma.
    RHA has flexiblity in scheduling with our Optional Flexible School Day Program. Morning students, known as the A.M. cohort, attend from 8 a.m. to noon and the P.M. cohort from noon until 4 p.m. This type of scheduling gives the administration the flexibility to help students with not only their academic obligations, but sometimes, their job, family and community obligations as well.  Please contact our HHS Couseling Department for enrollment criteria.