• If your student ended the 2017-2018 School Year in Hutto ISD please visit the Returning Student registration page.

     Welcome to Hutto ISD!

     Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year is now open!  

    Registration is not finished until you complete the online paperwork and attend registration in person.  Please contact the campus after August 9th to set up an appointment.

    If you are new to Hutto ISD and do not have a Family Access account please click here. If you are returning to Hutto ISD you will need to request a new account.  You will receive an account within 48 hours. If you do not receive an email with account information, please check your junk/spam folder. If the email is not in that folder send an email to registration@huttoisd.net.

    If you already have a Family Access account and have a new student to register, New Student Online Registration is available as a tab on the left hand side in your current account.  Please log in to family access and on the right hand side you will select "Open Family Access".  Make sure you fully maximized the screen that will pop up.  

    After you maximize the new screen that will come up, if you do not see a link on the left hand side that says New Student Online Enrollment please email your current student's name and campus to registration@huttoisd.net

    If you are unsure which campus your child will attend please click here.  If your address is not listed please send an email to registration@huttoisd.net

    Please bring the following documentation with you at the time of registration.  A copy of each document will be made by the campus and retained in the student's permanent record:

    1. Documentation of Student Identity (Order a Texas Birth Certificate)
    Over age 11 examples: birth certificate, statement of birth from Texas Department of State Health Services, Driver’s license, passport, military ID, hospital birth record, or adoption records.
    Under age 11: certified copy of the birth certificate is required per Code of Criminal Procedures, Article 63.019.  If you are unable to produce a certified copy of the birth certificate within 30 days from enrollment, or up to 90 days from enrollment for a child not born in the United States you must provide one of the examples for over age 11 and a signed note explaining why you are unable to produce a certified copy of the birth certificate.

    2. Proof of Immunization

    3. Proof of Residence (current utility bill, current lease, or current mortgage statement)

    4. Student Social Security Card

    5. Parent/Guardian Driver’s License

    6. Last report card, test scores, unofficial transcript, special program documentation (if applicable)

    We look forward to welcoming you in person to the Hippo Nation!  

    If we can do anything to make your transition easier please let us know.



    Q: My minor child lives apart from me, what do I need to do?

    A: You will need to come in with the person your minor child will be living with and fill out and have notarized a form.  Don't worry we have notaries available on campus to help out.  Make sure you bring your ID with you.  The person your minor child will be living with will need to provide their proof of residence within the Hutto ISD boundaries.

    Q: We reside with someone else in the district, how do we enroll?

    A: If possible bring someone from the home that you are living with to registration.  They will need to bring their current proof of residence within the Hutto ISD boundaries.  If they are unable to accompany you to registration, please bring a signed letter with you from them along with a copy of their ID, and a current proof of residence within the Hutto ISD boundaries.

    Q: My child is in the care of their Grandparent after school and we do not live in district, can they enroll in Hutto ISD?

    A: Yes!  You will need to bring a grandparent with you to registration to fill out a grandparent form.  The grandparent will also need to bring their identification and a current proof of residence within the Hutto ISD boundaries.

    If you have any questions please email registration@huttoisd.net

    Finding the New Student Online Enrollment Tab
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    Pre Kindergarden Eligibility - PDF