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Inspiring Excellence Strategic Plan

Hutto ISD has embarked on a year-long strategic planning process, which will develop our future goals and establish the steps to achieve them. 

The process began nearly a year ago with identifying Hutto ISD’s beliefs and values, all of which come from our culture and educational philosophy. Actualizing our beliefs on paper is vital to the success of the final plan, as those beliefs will guide every future decision the district makes. Creating that plan within the framework of our beliefs, mission, vision and educational philosophy ensures the district crafts and follows a forward-looking path that champions our past and our culture. 

The first step in developing our strategic plan, which has evolved into nearly a dozen specific goals for administration, involved the Board of Trustees and top leadership answering four questions: 1) What do you really value about Hutto ISD that we have now? 2) What do you really want for the students of Hutto ISD? 3) What makes Hutto ISD unique or distinctive? 4) What would Hutto ISD like to become or develop into over the next 3 to 5 years?

The board expected that the district would become the district of choice in the state and was proud of its rich history, its safety record, its community support and culture of service and character in our students.

Following that, the board and district leadership met in a workshop setting to identify the beliefs that represent Hutto ISD. Beliefs are the district’s fundamental values and deep and abiding convictions. They include the non-negotiable ethical principles, moral imperatives and the character of Hutto ISD. They are the “why” behind every action, and therefore, should be the basis for the strategic plan that will guide the district for the next three to five years.

In Hutto ISD, we believe:

  • Every decision is truly made in the best interest of students
  • Every student is important.
  • All students are of value and should be given the opportunity to succeed in life.
  • In recruiting and retaining the best staff.
  • All staff are of value and should be given the opportunity to contribute and succeed.
  • All students will be well-balanced and taught the value of hard work
  • Embracing diversity is a strength.
  • In good stewardship of the taxpayer’s dollars.
  • The educational needs of all students must be met.
  • Parents are our most valuable partners in student success.
  • Communication will move our district forward.
  • Character is as important as academics.
  • We can accomplish more together than on our own.

From the beliefs, the Board endorsed the district’s vision and turned the work over to the “Team of 30” – a group of 30 teachers, administrators, community members, parents, business leaders and city officials – who wrote the district’s mission. The mission defines the future Hutto ISD wants to create. It is a dynamic statement designed to unleash the organizations energy. It bridges the present with the future and answers the question: “What would the world look like if our beliefs were fully realized?” Once the team answered that question, developing the strategic objectives and strategies that would provide the framework for the entire plan came very easily. The strategies that arose are the areas the Team of 30 felt the district needed focus on to transform Hutto ISD into the best district in the state: Teaching and learning, Human Resources, Funding and Finance, Facilities, Community/Parent Partnerships and Communication.

From there, another 100 community members, parents, business leaders, civic representatives and school personnel were organized into 12 Action Teams – led by various levels of staff – to make the strategic plan operational. The teams met three to five times over two months to write action plans and provide cost analysis and benefits for each plan that district staff could follow to actualize each goal.

Each year, the plan will be analyzed, updated and implemented. The district’s goals will be developed based on the progress and strategies identified in the strategic plan, keeping the district on the track that parents, the community, teachers and administrators would like to see. Just like Hutto ISD focuses on preparing students for life after their educational career, for their future, through our strategic plan, we are preparing the district for its future, too.