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Special Education

A Message from Our Director


Hutto Independent School District offers a comprehensive system of service delivery for students with special needs. While pursuing the goal of educating students with their age equivalent peer group to the maximum extent appropriate, teachers, specialists, and parents cooperatively develop an individualized education plan for each student. Special programs include pre-school instruction, comprehensive development classes, school-to-work programs, and academic instructional classes for all ages. Support services are provided by the school psychologists, speech and language therapists. physical therapy, occupational therapy, vision, hearing, and health services are also furnished by licensed personnel.


Hutto Independent School District is well known for academic excellence. The underlying reason for this high level of student achievement is the schools' focus on each student as a unique and individual learner. This philosophy applies to all students including those who are eligible for special education services. In Hutto Independent School District, special education is not a place where struggling students go to class. Special education is a set of services provided to support eligible students in the general curriculum.