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Curriculum & School Support

The Vision of the Hutto Independent School District's School Support Department is to Inspire Excellence in Academics, Character, and Community. 
We are dedicated to the Mission of Hutto ISD which is to inspire our student to be bold, innovative thinkers that are prepared for an unlimited future, through strong academic programs and overall school activities that involve our parents, community, and all members of the Hutto family.
We accomplish this by providing students with an excellent education through an aligned curriculum and assessment process with high expectations and accountability standards that will prepare students to be successful and positively impact both the community of Hutto and a global community. 
Hutto ISD Believes that educational excellence goes beyond the textbook and includes all teachers, parents, students, and administrators to help Hutto ISD instill values of character and a sense of responsibility and service to the community we are a part of.

Hutto's Portrait of a Graduate can be found at this link:  Portrait of a Graduate (pdf)
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Common Assessments
are short 30-minute formative assessments that measure the written curriculum designated to be taught during the three weeks prior to the assessment based on the instructional calendar and are used to inform instructional decisions. Assessments are given approximately at the end of each three week curriculum chunk. We feel that a three week chunk is the instructional "sweet spot" that gives teachers a true measure of curriculum mastery while allowing for any reteaching and interventions to take place while the content is still currently being used.
Following Each Common Assessment:  Teams of teachers, administrators, and instructional specialists will meet to discuss data, validate assessments, revise and edit exams, monitor student progress and make instructional adjustments.
If you have a question about your child’s common assessments, please contact their teacher or a campus administrator.

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