Hutto Independent School District

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

It's not our education or degree that defines us, rather it is what we make of our education.

Change is definitely underway within the Career and Technical Education (CTE) department as our staff is working diligently to broaden, upgrade and enhance the quality of our programs, which will enable our students to be compete in the community workforce and global economy as well as be ready for college.

CTE courses provide and prepare students with employ-ability competencies and skills needed to enter today's workforce in which students are provided rigorous hands-on instruction and applied learning opportunities that are challenging and relevant to help them succeed in the current, emerging, and future high-demand, high-skilled and high-salary careers of the 21st century workforce.

In CTE courses, students apply and strengthen academic and technical skills to allow a better understanding of how the 3-Rs connect to real-world learning activities, giving deeper meaning, appreciation and motivation to the why, how and value of education. Career and Technical Education provides students with a wide array of opportunities to discover career options within career clusters and provides them with the potential to boost job earnings while furthering their high school or post secondary education.

Some of you may be familiar with Tech Prep, but for those of you who are not, Tech Prep is a state-wide model and system bridging secondary and post-secondary education in which our high school students can earn articulated college credit (in escrow) for selected CTE programs of study through a joint agreement or articulation with a career and technical college and two-year college.