Hutto Independent School District

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In April of 2016, the Hutto ISD School Board voted to approve the new walk zones to and from school based on the rezoning of elementary schools in preparation for the opening of the new Howard Norman Elementary School in Hutto in August of 2016.  They also re-drew lines of attendance for Hutto Middle School and Farley Middle School in the process.


The changes in zoning coupled with expanded sidewalks in the city of Hutto have led to the following changes to the walk zones:


  1. Nadine Johnson Elementary School is now an all walk to school zone.  No bus service is provided for students riding to and from this campus.  Specials Needs students will continue to be transported based on the decisions of their ARD meetings.
  2. Howard Norman Elementary School will have bus service to Lake Side Estates and the neighborhoods across SH & Toll Rd 130.  The Riverwalk subdivision is within the two mile State of Texas mandated walk zone, so no transportation to HNES is provided in this area.
  3. Students attending Farley Middle School in the Creekbend and Glenwood subdivisions have been declared as being within the two mile State of Texas mandated walk zone.  Students residing on Fishbaugh Lane and McCoy Lane in the Glenwood subdivision will receive transportation, as this area lies outside the walk zone.
  4. To assist with the changes to the walk zones, Hutto ISD has increased the number of Crossing Guards by six additional positions.  These guards will be posted along Carl Stern at the Carl Stern and Kerley intersection, and Carl Stern and Edison for the Nadine Johnson Elementary School walkers.  Crossing Guards will be placed at the intersections of Fistral and Holbrook, Riverwalk and Holbrook, the Holbrook entrance to Howard Norman Elementary School ( Llano River Trail and Holbrook), and Llano River Trail and Concho Pearl Place.
  5. The bus loading and unloading zone for Howard Norman Elementary School will be along the south side of the campus on Concho Pearl Place.  All walkers from the south end of the River walk subdivision are to walk along San Antonio River Walk and follow Llano River Trail to the intersection of Concho Pearl Place where the Crossing Guard will assist them safely onto campus.
  6. Parents with students walking to elementary schools for the first time are encouraged to walk with them for the first several days.  W encourage the neighborhoods to form “Walking School Buses” that have groups of children walking together in large groups with adults present to negotiate the path.
  7. Hutto ISD Police and City of Hutto Police will provide additional patrol on routes that have a potentially large number of walkers, such as Carl Stern.