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Board of Trustees » Make Education a Priority

Make Education a Priority

Resolution of Acknowledgement Make Education a Priority

Whereas, the current Texas public school finance system is negatively affecting an increasing number of public school districts; and

Whereas, past diligent legislative efforts to address the state’s method of adequately and equitably funding Texas schools has fallen short of broad measured success; and

Whereas, the legislative year of 2011 bears the attributes of repeating the 2009 legislative session’s lack of reliable funding improvements; it is therefore

Resolved, that a responsible community of educational leaders with a united awareness respectfully empower and support our respected legislative representatives to act; and be it

Resolved, that in light of our current Texas economic challenges and the complexity of financing public education; improvements in school funding be established with an attitude where education is found as the highest priority; and be it

Resolved, this attitude begins with the leadership of Texas school districts and together, we respectfully share one unified message to all involved: Make Education a Priority.

The Hutto Independent School District Board of Trustees respectfully acknowledges, applauds and joins the priority efforts to protect the pursuit of quality education for all children.

Hutto ISD Board of Trustees adopting this resolution:
  • Doug Gaul - President
  • Sheila Knapp - Vice President
  • Shelli Aday - Board Secretary
  • Byron McDaniel - Board member
  • Mike Pickard - Board member
  • Phillip Boutwell - Board member
  • Billie Logiudice - Board member
Adopted October 28, 2011