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Board FAQ's

The School Board is composed of seven members who serve staggered three-year terms. The terms commence on in June of the year of the election.

What is the Role of our School Board?
The seven-member Hutto ISD Board of Trustees is our district’s policy-making body. While it is comprised of individuals, it acts officially only as a group. The HISD Board works with the Superintendent and staff to set the direction of the school district with the education and well-being of school children as its primary focus.

The Board consists of seven Trustees serving terms of three years, with elections held annually. The terms of one-third of the Trustees, or as near to one-third as possible, expire each year. Elections are held on the May uniform election date. There are no term limits. Citizens interested in the election process should contact the Williamson County Elections Office at (512) 943-1630 for more information.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to, hiring and evaluating the Superintendent, establish the tax rate, adopt the District vision statement, adopt the budget, collaborate with the Superintendent, and adopt policy.

When Does the School Board Meet?
Regular meetings of the Board are held on the second Thursday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. in closed session with the open session beginning at 7:00 pm in the HISD Administration Building Board Room located at 200 College Street, Hutto, Tx 78634. Special meetings and workshops are scheduled as needed and are posted on the website and at the Administration Building. Local media is also notified of all Board meetings.

Who Can Attend School Board Meetings?
The public is welcome and encouraged to attend the school board meetings. If unable to attend the meetings, citizens are welcome to read about the board action in the summaries provided on the school’s website. Minutes are not available or official until approved at the following regular meeting of the Board.

During a meeting, there are legally specified circumstances that call for an adjournment to closed session for discussion and consideration. These circumstances include personnel matters, land acquisitions or sales, legal consultation, and student or employee hearings. The Board cannot take any action in closed session.

How Can a Citizen Address the Board?
Audience participation at a Board Meeting is limited to the public comment portion of the meeting designated for that purpose. At all other times during a Board Meeting, the audience shall not enter into discussion or debate on matters being considered by the Board, unless requested by the presiding officer. At each regular meeting, the Board will set aside time to afford the general public an opportunity to speak to the Board on any matter concerning the education of students and the business of the Board. The following shall apply:

Any person may address the board at the regular board meeting during the Citizen Participation time on the agenda. At the direction of the presiding officer, public comments relating to a specific agenda item may be postponed until that is discussed.
A citizen must sign up on the appropriate from prior to the opening of the board meeting.

Each person addressing the Board in a public communication session will be limited to five minutes in which to make a presentation to the Board. A spokesperson for a group shall be allowed five minutes to make a presentation to the Board. Other persons in the group must be recognized by the presiding officer in order to be allowed five minutes to speak.

Citizens will not be permitted to name or in any way, identify (including titles) specific employees when discussing complaints. Citizens who wish to file a complaint about specific employees will be directed to the district’s grievance policy.
Response to Citizens addressing the Board

Board members will not respond to or enter into discussion with the speaker since items on the agenda will be discussed as appropriate on the appointed time, and items not on the agenda are not allowed in discussion.

Board members may respond to speakers by providing clarifying factual information that does not involve board discussion, or by directing the citizen to a designated staff member for assistance.

The Board shall not tolerate disruption of the meeting by members of the audience. If, after at least one warning from the presiding officer, any person continues to disrupt the meeting by his or her words or actions, the presiding officer may request assistance from law enforcement officials to have the person removed from the meeting.

Sign Language Interpreters Available
If anyone needs a Sign Language Interpreter at any public function for Hutto ISD (like a School Board Meeting), please provide written notice to HISD at least two weeks prior to the event.
Address: 200 College Street, Hutto, Tx 78634